Explore Below, The Detailed view of Digital Marketing Services we offer!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing which is, in other words, PAID ADVERTISING helps in increasing the visibility of your website in paid results on the search engine results pages (SERPs) thus increasing the traffic to your website. At Vyaparmithra, With search engine marketing, the scope for your targeting has no boundaries i.e, you can target anyone, any place, any time on this globe which in turn helps in achieving the business objective of targeting the product to right customer at the right place and in right time which ultimately yields more ROI and Higher Profits. With search engine marketing at Vyaparmithra, you can Re-Target the past visitors of your website who didn’t make any business with you and can also outrank & defeat your competitors

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a trend these days and creating a buzz on social media platforms about your business is no wonder but a necessity which in fact a survival and growth strategy for any entity. The social media is no more a static concept but is dynamic in nature with a lot of changes and many new entrants stepping into social networks day by day due to which it became very difficult for businesses to focus on and at the same time, the absence of your brand’s presence on social media platforms can result in the loss of tremendous opportunities. So, At Vyaparmithra, we will handle your business presence effectively on all social media platforms by focusing on your business objectives and more emphasis on customer reach, business growth, and ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization which is also called as UNPAID/ORGANIC results on search engine results pages helps in increasing the probability of your webpage/website’s appearance when a relevant search is made for the business related to yours. At Vyaparmithra, with our way of search engine optimization strategies, we will optimize your webpage/website accordingly and makes search engine’s algorithm friendly such that to make your business appear in the top results on search engines. As we are aware of the fact that customers nowadays grab the top and best of all without any further look at the first instance which made it mandate for businesses to be in the top on results of a search engine such that the opportunities are grasped effectively.


Web Analytics

Web Analytics at Vyaparmithra involves the process of measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of website data such that to understand and optimize it for better web usage and user experience. No business can run successful without adopting proper evaluation procedures which impacts the advertising budget, return on investment and profitability of the company. We here at Vyaparmithra, reports all the necessary and relevant data such as the traffic changes due to ad campaigns, number of visitors to the website, visitors demographics, page views, user engagement to specific pages, traffic sources and much more from time to time so as to analyze the effectiveness of website data in order for better optimization.



Content Marketing

Content Marketing typically involves the creation and publishing of online content. We here at Vyaparmithra, as content marketers create and publish valuable online content such as images, infographics, videos, blogs, social media posts and so on with a focus on attracting new customers and also retaining existing ones. The content is said to be “THE KING” in today’s internet world. so, at Vyaparmithra as a part of our content marketing strategy creates a solid content and publish the same on the perfect platform which helps in establishing TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) in customers, thus results in achieving the objective of brand awareness & brand promotion which ultimately achieves the goal of Stimulating interest in products/services of the company.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the traditional means of online marketing and the fact is that many businesses fail due to their undervaluation of email marketing capability. Many think that email marketing means merely sending numerous emails now and then to their email database which in fact is not true and involves much more which we consider as a game changer in this era of online consumers. At Vyaparmithra, we believe in email marketing as one of the efficient ways of communicating to current as well as potential customers and we will achieve this by creating stunning emails with attractive subject line & relevant content which results in more business with customers. (Specifically, fewer bounce rates, less spam score, more open rates & click-through rates)

Web Designing

Designing a good website is not at all a difficult task these days but at the same time it’s not so easy as many think because there are other things which need to be considered while designing a website such as speed, load time, security, accessibility, budget, cross-device functionality, ease of navigation etc. Here at Vyaparmithra, we will design the best websites taking into consideration the kind of business you are running, your business needs and budget which helps us in generating beautiful, smooth, hassle-free, secured websites that works best on all device screens(Desktop, laptop, tablet pc, mobile) which ultimately results in reduced maintenance, better user experience, high website traffic, increased business, and more return on investment.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is always like a heart to any business without which the business cannot survive and it’s true for every business regardless of the sector, industry, vintage, and so on. Also, Lead generation has never been so tough as it was today and the reasons could include Increased competition, lack of online presence of businesses, lack of proper online ad campaigns, lack of brand awareness among customers and many more. but, as a client of vyaparmithra, you don’t need to worry about all those things as we are here to help you. We here at Vyaparmithra, by running appropriate online lead generation campaigns, generate more qualified leads to every business which tends to be legal in nature regardless of sector, industry, vintage, place or any other thing.

Digital Branding

Here at Vyaparmithra, we strongly believe in Branding as a Benefit Reaper for any business in this world of Digitalization and the same can be applied but to a greater extent in the case of startups where the branding plays a significant role in gaining Identity, Survival, and Growth on this globe of Cut Throat Competition. We here at Vyaparmithra, providing digital branding as a Value Added Service keeping more in view about Startups, Micro and Small enterprises which are definitely a Boon for every economy. We are currently providing  Logo designing, Taglines, Brand Naming, and Slogans as part of our Digital Branding service and help our clients in creating a strong brand identity that makes them Unique and Stands Out from the crowd in the competitive battle.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is growing at a tremendous pace and is becoming a must-have and an efficient way of communication for the businesses with their current as well as potential customers in this age of mobile revolution wherein many things are getting done on the mobile itself with just a few taps. Here at Vyaparmithra, we are currently offering major mobile marketing services i.e, SMS marketing, mobile app marketing, mobile game marketing, mobile-optimized ads. When coming to SMS marketing at Vyaparmithra which is being the most chosen, we offer businesses to send messages about their promotions, periodical sales, special events, personalized greetings, festive greetings etc. which infact will have a greater impact on customers towards the company.

Local Business Listing

Just imagine an instance where we are so hungry and quite new to the place where we don’t know any routes! what can we do in that scenario? Well, we can do many things but the first and foremost thing we would do is pick up our mobile and start searching for “Restaurants Near Me” on the internet and as a result, we will get the list of nearby restaurants with their name, address, and phone number which is made available by Local business listing. We here at Vyaparmithra will do the local listing for your business such that it can be found when a relevant local search is made by the customers and we will do this for all businesses whether big or small, old or new, have one or more local branches with an objective of attracting more customers to your business.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is not merely getting Stars and reviews but, involves Influencing, Monitoring and Controlling the reputation of an Individual, Brand, Institute and/or any other thing on the internet and should result in a greater positive Impact. There is definitely a need to have a special focus on online reputation management in this world of “Internet of Things” where the speed at which the information is spreading was lightening and much more Impacting (Positive/Negative). We here at Vyaparmithra will manage your online reputation more efficiently whether it’s positive or negative in the most favorable manner that results in a positive impact on all the concerned stakeholders and Increased Goodwill to the company.

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